Two Bros Bows Blue Tie Dye Bow, 2 Cobalt Arrows and Small Bullseye

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Two Bros Bows toy bows are a kid-invented, mom-approved way to teach kids ages six and up how to master the basics of archery. Made from PVC piping and third-party safety tested, our children’s bows are built to be lightweight and ergonomically friendly for little hands to learn how to hold and steady a bow. For easier handling, toy bows come pre-assembled with a foam grip handle and bowstring for a no-hassle setup right out of the package.


Tap into your child’s imagination with Two Bros Bows youth bow and arrow sets. Each set comes with one bow, two matching arrows, a tri-fold target for parent-approved fun at home or on-the-go. 

The sport of archery exercises the mind and body. Archery teaches kids the importance of patience, perseverance and self-confidence. Physically, archery helps strengthen hand-eye coordination, core and arm strength as kids practice shooting at their target while holding their toy bow and arrow straight and steady. Kids can independently sharpen their archery skills or work in groups, learning how to be a team player while improving their individual skill sets. Toy archery sets also double as a fun playtime toy. With these toy bow and arrow sets, your child can let their imagination run wild as they create new games, create their favorite characters and express themselves through adventure and exercise.


Two Bros Bows toy bows are built with a simple yet effective design. The lightweight build allows children six and up to easily practice stance, posture and shooting skills without fighting to properly position a heavy bow. Toy bows feature an ergonomic hand grip allowing better control for beginner archers. In case mishaps or accidents occur that result in a broken bow, we highly recommend keeping replacement strings stored in the quiver bag for quick and easy toy bow repair.

Toy bow and arrow sets come with bows in a matching design of your choice. Toy arrows are built to be safe, fun and effective beginner training bows without the risk of serious injury. Our fabric covered, foam tipped arrows exceed CPSIA safety standards, giving you peace of mind that your child is learning archery with some of the safest toy arrows available.


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