science wiz Electronics

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For ages 8 and up
Includes a 48-page science book with materials

Go from potato batteries to voltage piles to building electronic circuits!

  • Build a LIE DETECTOR!
  • Assemble and test a touch sensor
  • Construct blinking and flashing-light circuits
  • Make a potato battery and voltage pile
  • Solve circuit puzzles
  • Make a continuity tester
  • Master circuits with a multimeter
  • Explore Ohm’s Law

Build! Build! Build!

Requires a 9 volt battery as well as used and new AA to D cell batteries.

Author’s Comment: This kit is intended to be a gateway to a large number of STEM careers: from home repair, to car maintenance, to handyman, to electrical engineering, to computer engineering, to building neural networks, to robotics and bioengineering . . . The list goes on and on. This kit is packed with parts. Everything you need to start tinkering: buzzers and motors, alligator leads and LEDs, a multimeter, a breadboard, transistors, resistors, capacitors and connectors.

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