Popar Periodic Table of Elements 4D SMART CHART & APP-LARGE

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Popar brings chemistry and learning to life through an interactive Augmented Reality infused wall smart chart. Simply download the included app on any Apple or Android smart phone or tablet, and connect and play with all the stunning animations, thought provoking game, and so much more.

All Popar smart charts are designed with these key features to support and help your child enhance creative perception, learn about spatial and temporal concepts, and build listening comprehension. Help change the way your kids interact and experience stories, adventures, and learning.

  • SELF DISCOVERY LEARNING – Explore and learn about all the elements. Over 1000 facts, images, game, and more. Fun for the whole family, or even for a personal research project.
  • INTERACTIVE EDUCATION – Interact with the 4D animations, engage with informative content, watch amazing educational simulations, explore all the discoveries of every element, make compounds, and so much more. This smart chart supports STEM based learning initiatives.
  • STEM APP INCLUDED – Easy app download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. App is compatible with the latest iPhone/iPad, Android smartphones or tablets. Refer to the minimum system requirements listed in the description below. App brings this amazing educational smart chart to life.
  • LONG LASTING – Laminated 40.58 in. (W) x 24 in. (H) smart chart and convenient storage container prevent the product from getting damaged during non-use. Great wall poster décor for bedroom, office, or classroom. Avoid leaving in direct sunlight for long periods of time to prevent from fading.

Minimum Mobile Device Requirements

Apple® iPhone® 6 or newer, or Apple® iPad® 4 or newer, iOS 11 or above. Android™ smartphone or tablet with a rear facing camera, ARM capable processor, running OS 5.0 or above, and Google Play™ (may not work on all Android™ devices) to activate the Augmented Reality and other technology.



One (1) Smart Chart – Laminated Paper

One (1) Apple & Android App



Un-Rolled Smart Chart – 42 inches (W) x 32 inches (H)

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