36pc Alzheimer's Puzzle

Designed from the heart. Made for the mind.  Kansas City made, Springbok 36 Piece Alzheimer's Jigsaw Puzzles incorporates nostalgic images onto large piece jigsaws for dementia patients. Unlike active mind puzzles and word games, jigsaw puzzles encourage the use of motor skills while stimulating multiple areas of the brain at once. Each Alzheimer's jigsaw features 36 large pieces to easily grasp and handle.

Those with memory-related impairment will delight in the accomplishment of completing a task on their own. Meanwhile, caregivers and loved ones will appreciate the cognitive and physical exercises it introduces as well as the calming effect of doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Puzzles to Remember allows Springbok to give back to the community in two ways: through the benefits patients derive from working them and through the donations we make from the sale of these puzzles in November, National Alzheimer's Month.

36pc Alzheimer's Puzzle


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