Contraptions 200

Young thinkers can build unbelievable ball track structures with this simple stacking plank set. Create ramps, funnels, chutes and crazy contraptions like the "Black Hole" and "Bounce Plate." Then find out if the ball rolls as expected. No glue, no connectors: just loads of constructive fun!

KEVA Structures 200-piece plank set, containing 200 wooden planks, 2 specially-designed lightweight balls for maximum action and an 18-page idea book with project photos and quick-start instructions.
FREE Bonus Planks set that includes 50 extra KEVA planks for even more building!

- Basic building planks can be used to build endless configurations
- Fosters creativity, experimentation and STEM education
- Builds an early understanding of proportion, balance and basics of physics and engineering.
- Planks are made from solid, unfinished pine

Contraptions 200


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