Rainbow Loom Combo Set

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  • The Rainbow Loom Combo Set features 4,000+ Latex-free Rubber Bands, 9 different colors, 150 colored C-clips, Rainbow Loom loom, and Rainbow Loom metal hook, 12 Gift Bags, instructions for 2 bracelet designs
  • Hours of endless fun with 9 different colored bands to work with!
  • Create two bracelet designs from easy step-by-step instructions with the original Rainbow Loom metal hook and Loom.
  • Rainbow Loom bands are high quality latex-free rubber with great elasticity, color and built to outlast other bands.
  • Spread the Rainbow Loom love! Create a bracelet and gift it to a friend with the 12 Rainbow Loom gift bags included.
  • Rainbow Loom Combo Set comes in a disposable plastic packaging. Note: The disposable packaging does not have the durability to be reused as a storage case. For a more durable case, please consider our Rainbow Loom® XL Storage Case

Ages 4 and up

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