The Cool Kid Club: A Scientific Speakeasy

The Cool Kid Club: A Scientific Speakeasy

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A new and magical science experiment kit each month, designed for and by Brookside Toy & Science Cool Kids.

The Cool Kid Club kits will include things like laboratory glassware, batteries, very strong magnets, chemical ingredients and other components that could make these kits inappropriate for young children, under 8 years old. Please carefully consider your child's patience, ability and interest before purchasing this amazing new super secret magical science kit.

Kits will available for individual purchase and range from $25 - $35. Each kit will come in a specially marked tote


Use the secret password at the end of each email to access a Cool Kid Club kit which will include all laboratory equipment, ingredients or chemicals and illustrated instructions needed for that month's experiment.

Inventory will be limited, kits will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

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