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NASA Future Explorers Perseverance Mars Rover

NASA Future Explorers Perseverance Mars Rover

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  • UNVEIL STEM WONDERS: Unbox the future of learning with the Perseverance Mars Rover kit, containing 71 pieces and a 60-page educational and instructions booklet. Aimed at kids aged 8 and above, this kit is more than just a toy—it's a gateway to hands-on STEM education, fostering curiosity and understanding in robotics, mobility systems, electrical connections, and transmission systems, among other disciplines.
  • MASTER SPACE MISSION CONTROL: Embark on a journey of discovery as you assemble and control the Perseverance Mars Rover model. With its DC motor capable of driving uphill and crossing uneven surfaces, children simulate Martian exploration missions, learning about the intricacies of mobility systems and experiencing the excitement of space missions on the Red Planet.
  • EMPOWER FUTURE INNOVATORS WITH STEM EDUCATION: Inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers with the Perseverance Mars Rover. Through interactive play, children not only gain valuable insights into robotics, engineering, and space exploration but also develop essential skills like hand-eye coordination and concentration, laying the foundation for future STEM careers and innovations.
  • BOND THROUGH COSMIC ADVENTURES: Bring families and friends together with the Perseverance Mars Rover kit, fostering teamwork and collaboration as they tackle assembly challenges and simulate Martian exploration missions. Spark lively discussions about space exploration and science, creating lasting memories filled with learning and fun.

Ages 8+


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