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Estes Rockets

Estes Rocket & B6-4 Engines

Estes Rocket & B6-4 Engines

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The FLASH is designed for easy assembly, with a pre-colored body tube and easy-to-apply decals. In just one hour, you can build your own professional-looking model rocket and get ready to take to the skies. But the real excitement comes from the sleek, drag-defying design of the FLASH rocket itself. With this design, you can enjoy high-performance flights of up to 925 feet on standard Estes model rocket engines. Our FLASH Launch Set is the perfect choice for beginners and experienced rocketeers alike. With its high-performance rocket and easy-to-use launch system, you'll be able to enjoy the excitement of model rocketry without breaking the bank. Get ready to launch into a new hobby with our FLASH Launch Set!

We included one 3-pack of B6-4 Engines.  Wadding and other accessories available in store.

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